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Plants & Pets Relocation Services

Plants & Pets Relocation Services

For Office Relocation Services, Please call: +91 999 076 4600,+91 925 012 8620

Pets and plants are the most loveable beings in our houses apart from the rest of the family members. Pets and plants are cute and also part of our family, but they need to be extra care especially when they are to be relocated. Pets need attention, and at such a busy day, one ought to keep a strict eye on them for something terribly wrong may happen otherwise. The plants on the other hand, are ignored till the very last moment and this is why they get damaged by other things while they are being shifted.

Srlogistic provides extra facility of moving pets and plants. Moving with pets and plants in a new location is a difficult choice. Pets and plants are very sensitive and they need proper attention. They are adorable, cute, and have a lifestyle which is relaxing and soothing for us. Many of us take some time out just to play with our pets to get a hold of the busy and hectic daily life routine.

Srlogistic have properly ventilated vans and this ensures your pets stay comfortable while they are on the move. Nothing panics them along the way, because the experts keep them at ease and make their journey to their new home safe and pleasant. Bringing dogs and cats to Costa Rica is a relatively simple process. There is no quarantine period if they are brought in as luggage, but animals imported as freight may be subject to customs charges and hold times.

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